Forming in 2020 Kama Tala is an amalgamation of various styles and influences. Soul, Rock, Jazz, & World music are all present on what is becoming a highly anticipated debut album. The bands’ composition architect, Earhart, started writing songs during the winter of 2019 after a personally tumultuous 2018 lingered in his mind. Ready to move forward he relocated back to his native Chicago, reached out to some friends and musicians and started recording Before the Wind.

Critic Muhammad Masud of This Weekly Life writes, “…Kama Tala has a personality–that is part of their undeniable synergy. Before the Wind presents hypnotically passionate tunes with deeply-echoing rhythms. Heartfelt musical narrative and soulful vocals. It’s this it’s that–its funk its rock. But most of all: It’s something new. Kama Tala’s music feels like home.” The 12 track debut album is set to release on 03.07.21 –with each song offering a unique flavor of emotion and influence. Kama Tala is already back in the studio working on their second album, The Wayside, set to release starting 03.07.21.

SOURCE: Official Bio