93291-Ki--ManiKimani’s road was no glass stair. He encountered several difficult situations. Instead of giving in to defeat, he turned them into the fuel that has driven him into the limelight time and time again. After overcoming a turbulent beginning at the tender age of 8 years old Kimani’s devastation was tremendous. His birth mother, who he had spent the first portion of his life caring for, had finally succumbed to a substance abuse addiction. Though times seemed bleak, Kimani was blessed with his first fresh start. He was adopted by two loving parents ready to give their new son all the opportunity and support a young man needs and deserves.

It was difficult adjusting to a new life that was so different from the one he had once known. He often felt ostracized by his new peers. Kimani always had music to comfort him. He began to write songs. His earlier ballads made reference to love, turmoil and pain. These songs served as much-needed emotional outlets and they also gained him his first recognition. A teacher overheard him singing and insisted he share his talents with the school. This led to his first performance, new friendships and a reputation as the boy with the great voice.

He went on to perform and win the talent competition at the Apollo Theater in 7th grade, earn his first recording contract/production deal at 17 and be label mates under Hypnotic Polygram, a subsidiary of MBK, with Alicia Keys. Though he felt a great amount of accomplishment performing with mainstream recording artists such as 50 Cent and Destiny’s Child, Kimani grew tired of seeing his artist contemporaries surpass him professionally. He needed his label to take greater interest in pushing out his projects. He parted ways with them amicably, yearning for greater opportunity.

He joined Basketball Wives reality television celebrity couple Jackie and Doug Christie at their music label and received his second recording contract. All seemed well for a short period of time but creative differences arose and Kimani became uncomfortable. His music had so much of his soul in it and he wanted it to be handled with care. Once again he became an independent artist, knowing that he would have to be the one to give his career the type of attention it deserved.

Then life tossed its biggest test in his direction. A major car crash left Kimani with severely damaged cartilage and a torn PCL and MCL in his knees. Through the pain he endured and persevered. Six corrective surgeries, extensive physical therapy and a great deal of prayer made him realize his inner strength was fierce enough to not only pull himself up like a phoenix from the ashes, but help him to accomplish all the goals he had set for himself.

Now as an indie artist, Kimani is back with an ambition and dedication few will ever possess. His new EP entitled “The Coming” and the first single featuring Maybach Music recording artist Fat Trel “Tear Dat Ass Up” is already receiving a plethora of positive feedback and steadily climbing its way up the R&B Soul Charts.

Whether he is recording, traveling, participating in acts of philanthropy or writing music Kimani advocates being comfortable in your own skin and having pride in yourself and your talents. Though he has experienced so much thus far the most exciting part of the journey is yet to come.

SOURCE: Official Bio