True to the form of any guitar virtuoso, Neil C Young returns with a blistering new EP with three tracks that are a lesson in musicianship. We had the pleasure of interviewing Neil a while back and to say his new EP is a continuance of his last studio venture, “Encemble”, is an understatement. The EP is a brilliant journey into the mind of a well crafted trio of amazingly gifted and knowledgeable artists.

About Neil C Young and his new EP:
Guitarist and multi instrumentalist Neil C Young has unveiled his new EP, the follow up to his wildly successful album ‘Encemble’. Young is a specialist instrumental jazz musician who cites influences ranging from George Benson to Pat Methany.

New EP TRIO featuring tracks Aguas Calientes, Hydrant and That Darned builds on the experimental, jazz fusion qualities of Encemble but remains a totally separate entity.

Melding together a variety of jazz and world genres, Neil C Young is proving that he is an industry leader and pioneer in his own distinct brand of jazz. The EP is a crowd pleasing release with nods to the likes of jazz guitarists Gary Boyle and Pat Mcarthy as well as prog bands such as The Earlies.

It’s easy to see from his social feeds that Neil C. Young is unaffected by the growing hype surrounding his music. Witty and down to earth, he often pokes fun at himself and clearly enjoys simply making music. He is also fully aware of the raised eyebrows caused by his name – shared with one of the best loved songwriters in the world over the last five decades. The similarity has led to crossed wires on many occasions; in one case of mistaken identity, a festival promoter looking to book Neil C. Young received an e-mail from the agent of the other Neil Young, who claimed the jazz musician was an impostor.

His latest offering brought his music to a wider audience and with this stellar EP his fan base is certain to swell. More approachable and sonically cohesive this release showcases everything great and good about Neil C Young.

The EP is out January 22nd.

SOURCE: Official Bio