King of Nowhere is an indie-music project conceived by multi-instrumentalist Mikkel Fabricius, who writes, records, performs, produces and masters the music.

Recording music since 2012, King of Nowhere finally wishes to reach a broader audience. Hopefully his single – “Down the line” will stir some interest of music lovers around the world. Drawing influences from pop, post-rock, baroque pop, et al. The music has a majestic and sometimes uplifting feel to it. Mikkel juxtapose this with emotional and confessional lyrics about despondency and isolation.

“Down the Line”, the first single of an upcoming EP, set for a late summer release, explores exactly that. A big cathartic, powerful sounding ride, anchored by a desperate vocal, about an impending downfall. The song has gained attention from the DR radio show Karrierekannonen (DR: Danish Broadcast Corporation). Stating that “Be surprised. This song is magical”.

The single is out now on various streaming platforms (Itunes music, Spotify, Tidal, etc.).

SOURCE: Official Bio