London-based Brocarde has just released her new single Last Supper. Never one to focus on just one project, she also launches the Last Supper Clothing Collection (featuring lyrics from the single), Last Supper Photography Book and Last Supper photography ibook.

The track has been played on hundreds of radio stations all over the world including Kerrang! Radio and Planet Rock Radio – where it’s been played for over 5 weeks.

Brocarde always had a keen interest in performing and storytelling, but she didn’t launch her music career straight away. It was jewelry making that came first and it wasn’t long before word spread and her designs were spotted on Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

Riding the crest of the wave, she spent every waking hour making jewelry in the hope that the company would give her a platform to launch her music. The bigger the company grew, the more its ethos escaped her. The brand did provide her with a platform to launch music, but not the kind that cuts into your soul, not the kind that made her feel alive. So before she drowned in a sickly, sticky vat of bubblegum, she decided to burst her own bubble.

She closed the jewelry company and never looked back. She went to LA to finish the album she had started and discarded every song that she had previously written. Brocarde made a promise to herself that she would never compromise her vision, and to never be filtered for commercial success. During her time in the studio, her love for making clothing continued.

At this point in her life she was unshackled, supercharged and sassy as hell, so she created a brand called Twisted Bitches. She created t-shirts with slogans like “Pussy Power” and “No F*cks Given”. Her designs were modeled by rainbow haired girls and embraced by the “alternative” community, after being stocked on Dolls Kill.

The first song Brocarde wrote in LA was “Last Supper”. The song and her vision for it existed long before she stepped foot inside a recording studio, and every tiny detail was alive inside her head, from the video concept to the clothing she would be wearing. The song tackles her personal experiences with celebrity culture. It begs the listener to question their relationship with social media and loved ones, and it asks the all-important question “What will you consume at your last supper?”.

The video, written and directed by Brocarde takes the viewer on an uncensored journey and tackles a host of controversial issues such as cannibalism, religion, and abuse of power, which leaves them open for interpretation and discussion. It’s a twisted fairytale with haunting darkness that’s usually only present in horror movies.

Brocarde approaches music in a different way. She is genre-less. She uses instrumentation to capture the emotion in her words. She straddles a multitude of worlds; her vulnerable, fragile side is captured by an orchestra of delicately plucked strings; her full throttle sass makes you stand up and take note, and her angst and frustration marry with the heavy metal undertones.

Brocarde is cinematic, captivating and an artistic storyteller.

Last Supper is out now and the second single and album will follow later in 2019.