Kwasi Manni, aka Jahemblem, is a rising independent recording artist and singer who is originally from Ghana, West Africa but now based out of the West Midlands in the United Kingdom.

Working within the genre of reggae, he has a modern leaning and infuses his work with tastes from other genres including Afrobeats, Pop, R&B, and urban music. His work is unique and upbeat, through his music he strives to inspire, motivate, enlighten, and comfort his listeners, allowing for an escape from daily life. He hopes that everyone can relate to His music.

Originally having a degree in Geomatic engineering, singing is a true passion for Kwasi Manni, and his joy translates effortlessly into his work as he now pursues music as his calling. Influenced by artists such as Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Gregory Isaacs as well as singer/songwriters like Ed Sheeran, Dido and rapper NF, he is driven to blend old and new vibes into his songwriting, creating exciting and contemporary soundscapes.

What inspires me?? I would say, Love! Life! and God! These three things really inspire and influence my songwriting skills.

SOURCE: Official Bio