1. In You Scarlett Mill 5:54
  2. 29 Palms Scarlett Mill 3:57

Scarlett Mill has released two new singles named ‘In You’ and ’29 Palms’.

‘In You’ is a slow burn in the vein of those smoky jazz infused numbers you catch at 2 am in an upscale club in NYC. That slightly moody and soulful vocal sparring with the saxophone is penchant for the introvert.

’29 Palms’ is a slight return to alternative form with a dragging beat and touch of Leonard Cohen with an underground flair and dark sense about it.

About Scarlett Mill

Scarlet Mill are a Dutch alternative/indie band consisting of Jennifer Moesker (vocals, piano, synths) and Erik Verhoef (vocals, guitar, bass and drums). Their permanent special guest is Maarten Verhoef (saxophone).

This obscure duo first got together in the 1980’s, but then drifted apart for a couple of decades. It took them, all-in-all some 35 years, partly spent on various musical adventures with other musicians and bands, to finally get their act together and to release their first album ‘Chronicles’.

Inspired by artists such as Lou Reed, Nick Cave, The National, Calexico and Bill Fay, the duo have been described as being ‘Dark Wave’ and experimental.

‘In You’ and ’29 Palms’ are taken from ‘Chronicles’, which is a murder ballad in 7 pieces; a vibrant mix of eclectic dreamwave, European Americana and gritty chansons. The album tells the tale of an impossible love, passionate and fueled by tender hatred. The careful listener gets many leads as to what may have happened, and why. So it’s actually a whodunnit, whydunnit and howdunnit in one, even though in the end, one may wonder whether the answers really matter against the greatness of a passionate love that deep…

The album was home recorded; mixed and produced by Scarlet Mill. The songs were, partly due to the pandemic, alternately written and recorded near the river Amstel and at the Dutch North Sea ‘Wadden’ coast. The closing guitar and piano solo for ‘In You’ were, by the way, recorded in a hotel room in Paris.