Kye the Artist was born tuned into the aesthetics of music. Everyday sounds, from the ringing of a telephone – to a sweeping broom, translated into music and rhythm, inspiring her to sing and dance to the symphony surrounding her environment. She initially began composing melodies on her Casio Keyboard at the age of four. “I Like to Fly” was a hit among family and friends and performed often on the wide open stage also known as “The Living Room.”

Growing up, music continued to call to Kye the Artist, and she eagerly answered by learning to play the clarinet and teaching herself the bassoon and the piano. She learned these instruments out of necessity to give an actual voice to the melodies flowing through her mind. Continuing her passion for composing, Kye the Artist wrote her first professionally recorded instrumental in high school entitled, “Flight of love.” Flight has definitely been a theme that runs through Kye the Artist’s music, as it gives the feeling of elevation that she wishes to deliver to her audience. In her early 20’s, Kye the Artist re-recorded “Flight of Love,” as well as twelve other original instrumentals, creating a body of work entitled, “Here I Stand.”

In recent years, Kye the Artist has added the guitar to her repertoire as well as her voice which has a warm, dark timbre — reminiscent of the bassoon she once played and loved. Utilizing these two new instruments has blown open the doors of creation for Kye the Artist, who has since composed and written lyrics for at least 30 songs. Standing tall and communicating through song, she embodies her theme of aspiring to new and greater heights.

Every instrument possesses its own special quality or tone specific to that instrument and the vibrations it emits. The same is true for artists, especially those exuding their own personal communication through their instrument to express themselves and create an emotional response – this is definitely true for Kye the Artist.

Kye the Artist’s proclivity for minor chords along with the deep timbre of her voice creates an effect that many characterize as “hauntingly beautiful.” Her hint of Latin guitar strumming and her tribal-esque beats create an international appeal. Her lyrics inspire, and her passion reaches out and grabs you. When Kye the Artist performs, she gives it all – fans have dubbed the experience as cathartic.

SOURCE: Official Bio