Beginning with a soft beat and transitioning into a gorgeous yet haunting musical voyage through lucid chord changes and beautifully catchy yet dark instrumental harmonies with the vocals acting as a weary guide, Juniper Nights achieves sonic bliss of David Lynchian proportions with their new track titled “Antidote”. An antidote to the mundane, this song is a subtle soundtrack to the next time you are caught in that moment between consciousness and sleep. Stunning.

‘Antidote’ drops digitally on November 10th.

About Juniper Nights
Juniper Nights is a four-piece alternative rock band from Oxford, formed at the start of 2017. The band consists of James Gallagher (Vocals/Guitar), Zach Wilmott (Guitar), Rob Crussell (Bass), and Tom Lindsay (Drums).

James, Zach, and Tom previously performed together in the indie band ‘Pipeline’, with bassist Jason Rich. Jason and Zach were friends from university and found James and Tom online through a musician finding website. In February 2017, Jason moved to Sweden to pursue his career, and Rob took his place to complete the lineup. The band changed their name to Juniper Nights to reflect their change in lineup and darker sound.

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First Listen: Juniper Nights - AntidoteJuniper Nights’ music is typically a combination of somber and textural, juxtaposed with aggressive guitar riffs to create a dynamically varying sound. However, their musical style often varies significantly between songs, with dark undertones being the underlying theme. This sound is heavily influenced by a number of British rock bands such as Radiohead, Elbow, and Alt-J. Whilst their music is primarily guitar-based, they often experiment with other sounds, inspired by the works of trip-hop and electronic artists such as Aphex Twin, Portishead, Massive Attack, and Unkle. This includes the use of keyboards, drum machines, and strings, as well as the manipulation of sound using effects.

Juniper Nights released their first single, ‘So So Kelly’ in August 2017. It was featured as the first play on BBC Introducing, Oxford, and has been played on the radio as far afield as Honolulu, Hawaii, on KTUH.

In July 2017 the band recorded a number of tracks at Glasshouse Studios, Oxford, the first of which, ‘Antidote’, will be released digitally on November 10th.

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“Juniper Nights, with the right sort of management behind them, have all the makings of a great band… Should you ever get a chance to see Juniper Nights, don’t miss out!”
– Jace Media

“I’ve said it before but Juniper Nights are just the coolest Oxford band around right now & get better every show.”
– Richard Brabin (Future Perfect)