Steve Webb is a solo alternative singer, songwriter & guitarist, currently recording and performing under the name of “LadderSouL”.

Born in Lakenheath, England into a military “musical” family.

Early on, Steve was placed in classical music lessons along with his older siblings. He continued to study, and performed in classical piano recitals at the Hilton Hotel, on Okinawa, Japan.

After moving to Maryland, he grew an interest in different music styles including alternative, rock, blues and hip hop.

It was at this time that he began learning to play guitar and various other instruments. While growing up in Stuttgart, Germany, he played in a variety of bands and with local musicians.

Returning to the US, he recorded solo under the name: “LadderSouL” and is currently in collaboration with the alternative rock/industrial group “Meek Made Mighty”.

LadderSouL Discography consists of 5 albums total (The 6th LadderSouL album is currently in pre-production)

LadderSouL “Running In Circles” Release Date:2003
cd release by LadderSouL Studio
Length: 28:14

LadderSouL “Storing Treasure”
Release Date:2005
cd release by LadderSouL Studio

LadderSouL “Dreams or Dramas”
Release Date:2008
cd release by LadderSouL Studio

LadderSouLRelease Date:Jan. 2012
cd released by indie record label: Tate Music Group

LadderSouL “Indisputable”
(2018) Length (35:34) LadderSouL Studio

(Current project recorded at LadderSouL Studio,
Long Beach, California)

(Studio Production: All Songs Written, Produced & Performed by LadderSouL)

SOURCE: Official Bio