1. An Interview with The Jasmine Minks Jammerzine Exclusive 38:15

Bands that have resilience have longevity. Well, you have to have creativity and originality as well, but resilience is just as important. And, today, we have a band that has all of that and more in the form of The Jasmine Minks. In the interview, we talk with guitarist Jim Shepherd about the band’s beginnings with pioneering record label Creation Records as well as their sustainability within the ever-changing music industry as well as their new double single and videos for ‘Step by Step/Gravity’.

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About The Jasmine Minks
Scotland’s The Jasmine Minks have announced their new 7” single, to be released via A Turntable Friend Records, both digitally and on blue vinyl in a cardboard sleeve.

With almost the same line-up as on the very first recordings, Jim Shepherd, Martin Keena, Walter ‘Wattie’ Duncan, Dave Musker and Tom Reid recorded this new material together with producer legend Pat Collier at his Perry Vale Studios in London.

Presented as a double A-side 7“ single, ‘Step by Step’ and ‘Gravity’ shine as if the band had recorded it some 30 years ago. The first track is an upbeat and uptempo jingle-jangle harmony with a 60s chorus (written by Tom Reid) while ‘Gravity’ comes as a more fuzzy anthem reminiscent of ‘Cut Me Deep’. Here we see fantastic songwriting courtesy of Jim Shepherd.

The Jasmine Minks have been strongholds in the British music scene since 1983, originating from Aberdeen. In fact, they were the first band to be signed to Alan McGee’s fledgling Creation Records label back in 1984. Many classic songs, singles, and albums followed. ‘Think!’ or ‘Cold Heart’ are among the best songs released during Creation’s early phase.

“It was a moment of utter bliss when singer-guitarist Jim Shepherd confirmed that the single would be happening,” says Ulrich Hoffman, owner of A Turntable Friend Records.