Having a love for music from a young age, songwriter and performer Joshua Hope had been writing his own material for years before deciding to bring in a drummer and second vocalist. It was upon recruiting his good friend J.R. that things began to grow into what they are now.

Not only performing drums on the record and live, but J.R. also took the helm of co-producer and engineer for the recordings. It wasn’t long after that vocalist Joan-Joy began working with the two singing backup and harmony sections throughout songs.

Although Joan-Joy ended up leaving the group, Hope and J.R. went on to track songs for a fresh project. Performing everything aside from drums, Hope focused on the new record as J.R. worked on the production and laid drum tracks. Before long the two dubbed the project Lanterns Of Hope.

The full length 12 track album Upward Over was released July 29th and marked a new chapter in Hope’s musical and life journey.

The first single “There Was This Girl”, based on Hope’s relationship with former bandmate Joan-Joy, has already been received with praise and Lanterns Of Hope has moved into booking more live shows as the album begins to reach into radio and press.

You can find the Upward Over album on all major streaming platforms now.

SOURCE: Official Bio