Jammerzine’s The Week in #Indie for the week of  September 9th, 2019 includes exclusive interviews with TC&I and former XTC bassist/singer Colin Moulding, Moon Palace, Night Tongue, and Palm Haze plus premieres from Dar.Ra, Desensitised, Otis McDonald, Peter Saputo, and Resurrection Fern.

About Colin Moulding

Colin Moulding is one of my favorite bassists/multi-instrumentalists. I say this because he is one of those rare breeds that plays for the song. That, along with his TC&I partner drummer Terry Chambers, shows exactly how evident that fact is on TC&I’s new live album titled ‘Naked Flames: Live at Swindon Arts Centre‘. The music is played for the music and, what I mean by that is, that there is no ‘grandstanding’ on the instruments, however, there are beautiful re-interpretations of the classic XTC tracks that Colin and Terry were known for.


About Moon Palace

On August 23rd, Moon Palace officially release their new album titled ‘Shadowcast’! And to celebrate this new milestone in, what I consider, to be a monstrous juggernaut of an original #indie band, We get an in-depth interview with Carrie Biell, Moon Palace bassist and vocalist. Along with her sister Cat and the rest of the band, Moon Baby have solidified themselves in the minds of many and the hearts of everyone that hears them. Their music is an exciting mix of underground and demands to be heard.


About Night Tongue

In this Jammerzine Exclusive, we talk to, who I feel, will rapidly become legends in the #indie music scene. I am speaking of Night Tongue. Originally from Australia and based in Los Angeles, Night Tongue are the dynamic duo of Carisa Bianca Mellado and Andrew Dalziell. Their new upcoming album is titled ‘The Stag King’ out October 11th. An added bonus is they were kind enough to let us embed their new track titled ‘Flood’ off of ‘The Stag King’. Definitely worth a listen to. After you listen to that give the interview a listen. It will put a lot into perspective because we talk a lot about their style and sound, which is original and inspiring in many dark and creative ways.


About Palm Haze

Palm Haze is a duo that knows what they want musically. And they get it with their new album titled ‘Rêve Bleu‘. Released on August 30, 2019, the album is an almost complete showcase of what Palm Haze are going for and where they are headed.

And, in this interview, we get to catch them right at that special breaking point. That point to where you, the listener of this interview, will get to say in a year that you heard about them a year ago when your friends ask you if you’ve heard of this amazing new band called Palm Haze. And in that interview, we catch singer/bassist/co-founder Anna Wagner about this special point in their career and what it’s like to be in an emerging band in this era of global #indie while on their tour through Canada.


About Dar.Ra

Dar.Ra has dropped his full load with the new album titled ‘New Kinda Normal’. We got a taste of what was to come with the video for ‘Diamonds in the Shadows’ back in February, but this was nothing like I suspected. That track fooled me in many ways. What I mean by that is that every song and I mean every song, not only threw me for a loop as to what I expected vs. what I got but impressed me deeply for those very reasons and much, much more.

This is a mega-diverse album, to say the least. ‘New Kinda Normal’ is not an album to pigeonhole into a single musical genre. I mean, you have everything modern from electronica to raw and raucous rock to funk to quasi-punk, and it’s not only done with earnest from a talented musician but from a true fan of each style. If you are of the mindset that you want an entire album dedicated to your style of music and nothing more, then I must confess that this album may not totally be to your liking, but, if you like an adventurous trip through the musical world of a genius, then press play and leave the controls alone. You won’t be disappointed.


About Desensitised

Desensitised has released their new track titled ‘Emily’. ‘Power trio’ is a term that, sometimes I feel is overused when it comes to a band with three members, however, it truly fits here with Desensitised. Fits as in this is a trio with power. That power streams through the speakers with the confidence of a 50 piece orchestra and a mission, and that mission is to rock. And rock, they do.


About Otis McDonald

Basked in originality and drenched in progressive creativity through a soulful sensuality on steroids comes Otis McDonald with his future classic titled ‘Body, Mind and Soul’. While harking back to the giants of Soul and R n’ B via his own musical genius, Otis gives one of those feel-good thumpers for the summer at a date that makes you wish summer was another 6 months longer. Otis manages to keep the groove in the pocket while cutting loose in a way only a true aficionado of the genre can, and that is what makes this genuine and not a knock off like we are all too used to these days. Otis McDonald is the real thing.

For those aspiring musicians out there, here is yet another reason to show Otis some respect; His music got its global start on Youtube. Read this interesting article on how he made his career through royalty-free music via Youtube HERE.


About Peter Saputo

The first thing that caught my attention about Peter Saputo’ new single titled ‘Let Me, Please?’, released today, is his voice. His voice is such a beautiful monster that simply soars over the music like a guiding light with such a power as to make you take notice. That is just the beginning, however. The music, although at times seemingly competing with the voice, is actually the voice’s best ally. By giving Peter’s vocals a solid score to soar to, the hooks become more prominent and the notes are highlighted with such an intensity that you can get trapped at the moment the song creates and really let the emotion in. This is s solid lesson in songwriting.


About Resurrection Fern

Resurrection Fern is one of the many new and up and coming artists promoting their music on Twitch, which is a brilliant idea considering the white noise that Youtube and Spotify have become. She has done this to the point to where is a Twitch partner, and not just for her social media skills. Take ‘Savanna’, her new single. This track is brilliant and beautiful with the glow of a talented and original songwriter who knows how to express herself musically. ‘Savanna’ is heartfelt because it is from the heart, not a song merely written for listens, but from experience.


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