In the sunny coast of Sydney, an album was born. With this Australian city in the background, stories of love and loss are told with a genuine and delicate folk aesthetic. “Roslyn Gardens” is The Last Man Running’s first album, conceived by Tiago while living in Sydney for two years. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, he was immersed in the stories and exuberant biodiversity of this city.

Roslyn Garden’s tracks consist of simple songs, structured around acoustic guitar arpeggios. Simple piano and guitar layers draped in deep choral walls, express the meaning of a new world, where nature cast together.

Despite its complexity, Roslyn Gardens was recorded entirely in a rural house on the outskirts of Lisbon, with only a few microphones. This reclusive aspect of working allowed for an intimate expression, where spontaneity had a crucial role in making of these songs.

The prelude of tentatively intricate chord progressions from the acoustic guitar may have been saliently sweet. But when the pensively arrestive vocals to The Last Man Running’s debut single “New Backyard” kick in, it becomes apparent that there are few who progress what the up and coming singer-songwriter does.

“With the same enamouring allure as artists such as Elliot Smith and James Yorkston, New Backyard unfolds under a transient amount of devastatingly beautiful weight. Whether it was the cinematic swells of the mesmeric instrumental arrangements or the concordance behind the vocals which left me already impatient to hear more from the up and coming artist it’s hard to say. Despite the smooth melodicism of the single, New Backyard still packs a plaintive punch, it’s unlikely that anyone who has the pleasure of stumbling across the single will come away feeling bruised.”
– Amelia Vandergast (ANR Factory)

Delicate, precise and emotive slice o swelling & emotive folk-infused indie- rock.”
– Barry Gruff

“There is so much that I love about this: the guitar, obviously, but also the temperament, that is a cool vocal, and the space, the production, the shimmering effects, it’s gorgeous.”

“Refunded. Intricate instrumentation. Strong vocally – Indie ObsessiveLoved it. It’s tight, hypnotic, and disciplined”
– Eric Alper