lastremainingpinnacleLast Remaining Pinnacle was started by Dave Allison in Portsmouth Virginia in 1995. Inspired by underground noise culture , Late Night TV Movies, random broken amplifiers and 70’s reel to reel tape machines Dave A. began recording demo’s in the garage at his parents home. Over the next decade Last Remaining Pinnacle collaborated with other like-minded artists on numerous recording projects for various labels.

In 2009 Chrischa Ives started contributing guitar, keyboards and violin and Last Remaining Pinnacle expanded into a duo. The band also started blending it’s noise roots with more structured rock n roll songwriting. In early 2011 the band releases a four cassette collection that contained multiple “Soundtrack” type recordings that had been recorded over the summer and fall of 2010. The band then released a split 7″ with fellow Virginia natives Pan Galactic Straw Boss in April of 2011 on Allison’s label Custom Made Music.

Ives soon left the band and Allison brought in guitarist Dave Dembitsky. The two instantly started writing and recording new material. May 21st 2012 saw the release of the band’s 1st proper album “Visitors” followed by “64” two years later and the “Human Diagnostic” 2 X Cassette in February 2016 all of which are available from Allison’s own Custom Made Music label.

SOURCE: Official Bio