With a songwriting style that reminds of brilliant female artists such as Sheryl Crow or Shania Twain and a vocal interpretation which hints on Gwen Stefani, Aka V has all the right ingredients for a promising start in the industry.

Her single ‘Always Go Home’ is an autobiographical account of a young woman leaving her home and aiming for the big city to realise her ambitions of becoming a musician.

The song was inspired by her own story of leaving home and aiming to fulfil her goals. She says: “This world can be very cruel and the entertainment industry is not for everybody. I wanted to tell those people that there is no shame in going back home, whatever your home is, wherever it is. Go back to that safe place, there is no need to become somebody you wouldn’t be proud of because you’re too scared to face the fact that this one dream didn’t work out.”

Her optimistic approach to life has made her keep a clear head in the pursuit of her own career. Aka V is an artist who knows exactly what she wants and turns her ideas into reality.

Also known under the name Vanessa Huneault, Aka V has always been proactive in making things happen. After growing up in a small town in Quebec where no one speaks English, the decided to hit the road at the age of 20 and packed up her bag to move to Ontario. She learned how to speak English and started a completely new life for herself. Aka V eventually moved to Toronto where she began to focus mostly on her musical career. She took singing lessons and started to play shows.

Determined to make it in the music industry, the singer decided to get an education in Audio Production and Engineering to understand how to record and master her own tracks. During that time, she also joined the Canadian rock band OzGoode and went on a national tour with them as their singer.

Aka V is now starting a solo career with her melodic pop ode to the big cities and the reflection of the ups and downs of a young artist on the rise in her upcoming single release.

The single ‘Always Go Home’ is out on 6th May 2016