Leah Zion (Leah Sletzion) is an American-Eritrean Soul Pop singer/songwriter from the musically-vibrant city of Atlanta. Her music takes charge to empower the world, spread a positive message, and to move people through her lyrics – “Your words can be gold to your headspace”.

Zion’s soulful flare is hard to miss in songs like “Hard to Lose” and “One By One”, and she easily gets listeners singing along to her catchy melodies and lyrics. From her early childhood, she has been influenced by popular artists such as Alicia Keys and Rihanna, and since moving to California, Zion has found new inspiration from Ariana Grande, Sia, Bebe Rhexa, and Adele. Leah Zion’s debut self-titled EP is set to release November 3rd, and she’s thrilled to bring her sound to the pop world.

SOURCE: Official Bio