In 1966, the original garage rock band, The Litter was formed with Tom Murray as the drummer. Two albums were made which included their hit “Action Woman.” 1969 brought changes as Tom and other original members Dan Rinaldi and Jim Kane brought Mark Gallagher and Ray Melina on board to record The Litter’s third album, Emerge, on ABC’s Probe label. The album went gold. The Litter was playing with other heavy hitters like Led Zeppelin, The Who, Cream, Jethro Tull, and many other popular artists of the day.

A second Litter album was made for Probe with Sean Jones replacing Melina on lead guitar. About two weeks after the album’s completion, ABC decided to close the recording arm of their business and the album was not released. The Litter became frustrated and the music became darker. After trying more personnel changes, they ultimately disbanded. In 1976, an acetate of some of the second Probe recordings and a 1/4 inch tape of what was commonly referred to as the Wretch tapes were found and released on CD and vinyl.

As the sole survivor of that era’s Litter, Tom Murray decided to make another recording called Future of the Past, released on Blackberry Way Records. Tom enlisted the help of talented and enthusiastic young players, Ronnie Long on vocals, and guitarists Scott Uhl, Danny Masters Gorklo, and Greg Burgess. Tom also called on friends like original Litter guitarist, Zippy Caplan, Larry Wiegand of Crow, Bernie Bomberg of The Surf Dawgs, and the original guitarist of The Revolution, Dez Dickerson, to add their magic to the recordings. This album rocks and is an out-of-the-box vision of where the rock was and should be going. IT’s A HAPPENING!

SOURCE: Official Bio