100616-Party_Favorites_CoverLeft Wing Fascists celebrating 29 years of existence and a very long bio worth reading. The band was formed on the 42 st of Norfolk Virgina and first performed live on stage at the hardcore club The Corner in Norfolk Virginia 1987. First live party can be viewed on (youtube channel) July 1987. The band Big Al Staggs and Slicky Bob (the guy who named the band) are the original founding members.

Slicky Bob left the band after July 4th party and Eric Nestor joined and those two along with original bass player Markus Wegener starting working together at the Corner for 14 straight open mic nights and wrote the first EP All You Can Eat recorded by Bob Smith at Earworks Recording in Virginia Beach Virginia. Scott Carlisle (The Earatations) joined the band along with drummer Rick Murphy (Starving Artists) and the band got signed to Cellar Door Records and brought Producer Stacy Heydon in from Canada.

Stacy Heydon (1982 producer of the Canadian rock band Sherriff producing a number one hit When I’m with you in 1982). Stacy and the band recorded the 1st LP A Mother Nightmare (Recorded at WinMark Recording Studios Virginia Beach Virginia) released 1990 Cellar Door Records and Nationally with a cover change and remix of the 1st track “I drive a Yugo” with drummer David Almeleh 1991 (Rincon/Rhino/Cellar Door Records). The band played live in Virginia and some tours until 1995. Eric Nestor and Markus Wegener left the band before recording the second LP but often return for reunion shows.

In 1995 Scott Carlisle and Big Al Staggs worked together and wrote ALL FIRED UP LP. Adding Rob Katherman (M-80’s) on bass plus David Almeleh and Billy Shearin (Waxing Poetics) playing drums on the LP. The Second LP produced again by Stacy Heydon but at Daily Planet Studios Virginia Beach Virginia. The band had little success with 2nd release but got together once or twice a year to perform at the Norva in Norfolk Virginia.

In 2015 Scott Carlisle and Big Al Staggs team up together and reunite with Producer Stacy Heydon to record the 3rd LP OXYMORON and first in 20 years. Oxymoron, this time brings Scott Carlisle’s incredible music writing and creation plus adding his talent on the bass, rhythm guitars. Studio friends came in adding some keyboard work along with some special guests guitar work of Stacy Heydon.

Stacy, Guitarist (1976-1979) for David Bowie and also Iggy Pop) and Scott Carlisle trade off some great leads together on a few songs. Big Al Staggs writes the lyrics on the new LP (Scott wrote Highway 666 lyrics) and that was recorded front and backing vocals at Animal Farm Studios L A California. Scott Carlisle’s guitar work recorded in New Bern North Carolina. The LP features a song written by Paul Johnson (Waxing Poetics) and Big Al recorded in OBX NC entitled Never Coming Back. Stacy Heydon Producing, mixing and mastering the Oxymoron LP. Surfing Junkies video shot on West Coast And East Coast and has some smoking keys in it. Cat Phishing really happened. 29 years of history.

Currently the band is hoping that someone takes notice of the new release if not Scott Carlisle and Big Al Staggs have an on and off hate for each other and the future of the band is uncertain. The two would like to tour and promote the new release but in today’s social media marketing it will have to take the right person reading this.

Thanks to all that have stopped by to read and maybe share our story. Big Al’s dream is to hear the songs on Underground Garage with Little Stephen making it on the Coolest Songs in the World and show the world the evolution of the songwriting. All three LP’s continue to gain airplay here again in 2016. Wish the boys luck!

SOURCE: Official Bio