1. O.B.E (Out Of Body Experience) Sky Between Leaves 1:00
  2. Klein Blues Sky Between Leaves 1:00
  3. Shell Beach Sky Between Leaves 1:00
  4. The Joke Is Over Sky Between Leaves 1:00

Sky Between Leaves is an East London based Brazilian post-punk/krautrock act made up of Tito Cordeiro (guitar/vocals), Brenno Balbino (Bass/ synthesizers) and Juliana Favero (Drums/ Percussion).

The band, who take their name from Jarvis Cocker’s anecdote about wearing glasses for the first time and realising that the holes in the trees were the sky, have supported seminal alternative acts Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), The Telescopes, Mark Gardner (Ride), AR Kane and resurgent bands of English C86 scene The Woodentops, Blue Orchids and 14 Iced Bears. The trio is gearing up for the release of their debut four track EP ‘Klein Blues’, which is scheduled for release digitally and as a limited-edition 10″ blue vinyl via Horus Music and Bandshell Records.

The Krautrock-inspired ‘Out Of Body Experience’ is an aptly named track that takes inspiration from the phenomenon in which some people experience the sensation of floating outside their physical body during times of mental unconsciousness. Sky Between Leaves delivers a dream inducing, genre-defying pearl that is the perfect sonic accompaniment for Brion Gysin’s Dreamachine.

Title track ‘Klein Blues’ is a stunning example of Dreampop, inspired by the leading member of Nouveau Réalisme (New Realism), French artist Yves Klein. Also, considered one of the forerunners of Pop Art.

‘Shell Beach’ is a Space Rock / Krautrock composition that takes inspiration from Alex Proyas’ neo-noir film Dark City (1998), in which the protagonist sets out to piece together hazy memories of his wife. In order to do so, he goes on a quest to find the elusive seaside place called Shell Beach, where he is alleged to have grown up as a boy.

Post Punk track ‘Joke Is Over’ addresses the issues of bullying and gun violence which permeate modern society.

Live Dates:
October 20th – EP Launch, The Brewhouse, London, E8