Following positive reviews from last months ‘Age of Outrage’ single release, Sydney rockers Lese Majesty are announcing a new 6 track EP entitled ‘Patterns and Signals‘ was released on Friday, November 16, as well as launch show dates and a lyric video for the opening track ‘Signs.’

“The animation for the ‘Signs’ video has been created by Josh Bruce” explains singer, Jodie Gibson, “He’s the VFX digital wizard who made a balloon shatter to pieces in our ‘Seeking Escape’ music video last year, so we’re excited to work with him again and show you what he has conjured up!”

Previous single “Age of Outrage” kicked off the EP campaign with a tonne of love and interest coming the band’s way – the song getting some love from both triple j’s The Racket and Home & Hosed and also being added to rotation on The Faction Radio.

The new EP was released November 16. “Patterns and Signals is about trying to recognise cycles and repetitions occurring around us, both personally and in a wider context.” Bassist and songwriter Joel Henderson explains. “In the last year or so, I’ve been down a rabbit hole of weird, old strange books, and documentaries, so the EP is about grappling with this ancient wisdom through the lens of current events.”

Luke Palmer from Dead Letter Circus, who also produced the bands 2017 EP, has taken on extra songwriting and guitar responsibilities for the new 2018 release. “Collaborating with Luke was such a natural and fun process.” Says Gibson. “There were some long grueling shifts, but it was worth it.” Luke Williams (also from DLC) assisted on drums and Forrester Savell provided mixing and mastering. “If you’re a fan of DLC mashed with Metric or PVRIS, then there’s a good chance you will dig this EP.”

The outfit began as a creative outlet for vocalist Jodie Gibson and bassist Joel Henderson in the basement of a Sydney share house in 2015. “There were always a lot of people hanging about, so we would get friends or whoever was around to collaborate with us, we didn’t know if it would become anything, but eventually we wanted to compete for the creative cycle, and for us that meant we had to give the thing a name, and present our ideas to a wider audience, so we called the project Lese Majesty.”

SOURCE: Official Bio