Some artists are experimental as an art form, to be creative aurally in order to please the ears.  Parabola West, however, is experimental by design. Not only pleasing the ears, but also pleasing the eyes, heart, and soul. The eyes are obviously pleased by the video, which is a lucid dream sequence that immerses the viewer in another world perfectly scored by the ‘Calling Your Name’. But, also, ‘Calling Your Name’ is experimental with the heart and soul for various reasons. First, it’s an absolutely beautiful song. Second, it’s recorded at 432Hz instead of the standard 440Hz because 432Hz is a healing frequency. This, to me, is a wonderful sentiment from the artist to the listener. To influence all of the senses within one track and video can only be described as original.

‘Calling Your Name’ is available everywhere via online stores like iTunes and Apple Music, and streaming platforms, such as Spotify. Also, her many releases can also be found on Bandcamp.

About Parabola West
Parabola West is releasing her new single ‘Calling Your Name’ and, along with that, a new video inspired by the deep woods of New Zealand, which this American singer-songwriter now calls home. Directed by Chris Lane for Bigkid Productions, Felicity Cawood’s art direction for the new video brings this sonic lushness into a forested landscape fit for the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings.

Parabola West is the artist persona of Amy Tucker West. Drawing inspiration from Celtic and Nordic folk roots, electronica, and organic sounds, her music is a lush soundscape of layered melodies.

“Calling Your Name’ expresses the torment of loving someone who has become emotionally numb. Ask anyone on a significant dose of anti-depressants and they’ll tell you about the numbing – that slow, subtle nothingness that keeps life ticking over without incident but turns down all the color,” says Parabola West.

“The lyrics “you are a wilderness frozen from me” kind of sum up the bad times when you just can’t reach the heart until the ice melts. We wanted to create a curious, beautiful, and dark fairytale feeling with the video. The goal was to make it feel both otherworldly and relatable – to express the isolation, hope, and madness of holding an unreachable heart.”

This new release follows up Parabola West’s 2017 EP ‘Purity of Weakness’ and lead single ‘Fire’, which was released both digitally and on CD. Her debut EP ‘Did You Hear?’ was released in 2014. Often piano-driven, her music is laced with hints of Celtic and Scandinavian influences and a dash of fantasy.

Originally from Springfield, MA (near Boston) on the U.S. east coast and currently based in Raglan, New Zealand, Amy began songwriting on the piano as a teenager and, at age 21, she was recruited into the London-based trip-hop band Dreamfield during their recording sessions in Boston. With two critically acclaimed releases to their credit, the band split in 2003 and West relocated to New Zealand.

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The self-confessed ‘math & science nerd’ then took a 10-year break from the music industry to work in IT and engineering recruitment, returning to her musical roots in 2013 as solo artist Parabola West.

“I came to a point where I needed to fully immerse myself again in the creative,” says Amy Tucker West. To achieve that she took the extreme step of moving completely off-the-grid to a rural spot on New Zealand’s rugged West Coast. West has since released two successful EPs and continues to call Raglan home.

This song was recorded at 432Hz instead of the standard 440Hz due to Parabola West’s experimentation with healing frequencies in her music.

Written and performed by Amy Tucker West
Produced by Andrew Newth, Scott Newth & Parabola West
Mixed by Andrew Newth and Scott Newth
Recorded in The Porch recording studio in Hamilton and various home studios
Mastered by Oliver Harmer at The Lab recording studio in Auckland
Main vocals and keys by Parabola West
Backing vocals by David West
Flute by Alexandra Slap
Video by Bigkid Productions
Directed by Chris Lane
Art director: Felicity Cawood

“A sublime blend of folk and electronic influences which is taken to another level when combined with the beautiful and haunting vocals of Amy Tucker. Part Eivør, part CHVRCHES, but very much original”
– Analogue Trash

“Just brilliant… ancient folk in electronic pop dreamery. An uplifting recipe when submerged in electronica, which she has flawlessly achieved here… merges the common denominator between Irish/Scottish and Scandinavian influences, with melodies that are the stuff of fantasy”
– The Spill Magazine

“A very accomplished and talented songwriter, with an ear for a deceptively simple but often stunning song. Extraordinary talent, both as a songwriter and performer”
– NZ Musician

“With such immense talent, it was just a matter of time before Parabola West’s music would reach American shores. Her richly theatrical delivery and an uncanny knack for blending genres means that she is able to craft a musical and aesthetic environment within her music that is both fantastical and invigorating”
– Big Takeover Magazine