86820-Let's_WaitBoston based Electro Pop band Let’s Wait came into existence during the winter of 2012-13 when Alexis Desjardins (Synthesizer), Mike Ward (Synthesizer/Guitar) and Matt Relstab (Bass) began a musical collaboration after the demise of their former band. Later joined by vocalist Tashi Pique and aided by an arsenal of vintage drum machine sounds the group began composing a collection of songs that would lay the foundation for the EP “Hiding in Your Fantasy”. The initial vision was to create catchy, unique electronic compositions that felt organic and performance based. Emphasis was placed on textural synthesizer arrangements and expressive electronic drums that were playfully reminiscent of 1980s era Synth-Pop, New Wave and Post Disco.

By the beginning of 2014 the band had fully conceptualized their musical vision and were playing shows regularly through out the Boston area. These performances saw the addition of live drummer James Willetts and included thematic backing visuals and diy light shows. Around this time the group also started the process of recording their debut EP.

The six song effort was entirely self-produced and engineered in the group’s project studios. Through out the recording and mixing there was a strong desire to maintain the natural dynamics and essence of each performance while avoiding the typical pitfalls that can often make “in the box” electronic music sound sterile. The end result: “Hiding in Your Fantasy” is a strikingly organic collection of Pop songs that strives to tell a complex story with its intensely personal lyrical narrative and sonic diversity.

The first single “Shadows” is a fun, upbeat, electro-pop track that builds up with layered, lush synths. intense dynamic vocals, and hook lines right up to the chorus that keeps you coming back for more.

“The single tells a story of how suppressed or neglected aspects of one’s personality can mysteriously re-emerge in the form of pain, passion or inspiration.” the band explains.

Hiding In Your Fantasy E.P. was released in mid November 2014 and is available on several digital platforms along with physical CD’s for purchase at live shows.

Let’s Wait has received rave reviews on Vanyaland.com, one of Boston’s premiere music blogs.