Lui Salazar (or just “Lui”) is a recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and visual artist based near Chicago, Illinois. In the past, he has received support from Sunny G Radio, Lumpen Radio, ACRE TV, ComeHereFloyd, Surviving the Golden Age, Tonic Grain, Reignland Mag, Independent Music Reviews, Newpop, and From the Strait. For his next single, “Relax in the Madness,” Lui is set to be featured on the Last Day Deaf music blog, Black Valley Playlist’s “Fresh Finds,” From the Strait’s “Limited Time Offer,” and Maarten Vansnu’s “New and Undiscovered” Spotify playlists, influencer Joshua Julian’s Instagram account, Lumpen Radio’s late-June program, and more.

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety at a young age, Lui tends to overthink every aspect of his life. He imagines fantastical situations, alternate realities loosely based on his own experiences.

Lui’s parents consider music an important educational tool. When Lui was 4, his parents signed him up for violin lessons. However, he became passionate about 90s and 2000s rock bands after borrowing his eldest sister’s MP3 player. A few weeks later, he picked up his first acoustic guitar. He started guitar lessons and began learning Beatles songs by ear. Lui’s love for The Beatles and all things psychedelic rock and power-pop never diminished, but instead contributed to his style. He does everything, from song conception and production to mixing and mastering, at his home studio in Grayslake, Illinois.

SOURCE: Official Bio