From Lundon,
“My life started in my mom’s stomach her complete placenta failed so there’s no telling when I’m coming. Me or her could die any moment but with God we defied the odds there’s no such things as mistakes I was born Sept 26, in ‘88 at 6:15 a.m. in Atlanta GA I stayed on the Southwest side of town then moved Eastbound of Atlanta were the animosity began in my home my mom and dad wasn’t getting along so my mom started fights with me when my dad was gone I was treated like a stranger in the streets and had did something wrong the outcome made my mind and body more strong my words turned into poems then eventually progress to songs the hunger in my spirit won’t let me quit.”

“I never started doing’ music to be rich just a God given gift that came along been doing everything on my own so you can say I been grown for a long time turned to crime cause my rhymes wasn’t paying any bills I’m living like I don’t care if I get killed dodge a few bullets so I’m still breathing started to understand free will and believing that I’m here for a real reason God healed my soul and I let him take control no more illegal actions just rapping, working an playing it cool going to school getting closer to where I need to be making the right moves til’ I hit my target I am Lundon Markus Childs the real artist. I have passed out CD’s in the cold, made T-shirts, fed the homeless and even rapped for them. I hit the radio waves in May of ‘09.”