Lee Gaze has made it official in a statement he made to NME about the music of his former band, Lostprophets. ” We’d definitely never play the songs again… I don’t think we’d ever revisit anything.” And that very much appears to be the case as of this writing. Please welcome to the stage No Devotion. From what it looks like, the band have no intention of revisiting the past whatsoever. Having regrouped after taking a couple of years out of the spotlight, the former members of Lostprophets merged with current United Nations and former Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly to for No Devotion. Having signed to Rickly’s own label, Collection Records, the band put out a single, “Stay”, on July 1st.

Ian Watkins
Former Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins.

Considering that less than a year ago the five remaining members of Lostprophets all considered getting out of the music business entirely, this could not only be considered a comeback, but a triumphant return to form. Considering all of the vile things Ian Watkins, former lead singer of Lostprophets who failed at his appeal for Child Molestation charges two days ago after pleading to multiple counts pf sexual assault against children and other charges involving taking and possessing sexual images of minors, some as young as a year old, had done and dragging the Lostprophets name through the mud and, to an extent, the other members reputations as well, this could not be a better time to reinvent themselves. And this is more than a mere reinvention. Take a listen to their first single below and you will see that they sound nothing like their former selves. This is an entirely new band.

No Devotion has just wrapped up a 4 date tour around the United Kingdom. The band’s first live performances received positive reviews from critics and fans despite revealed that they would not be playing any music from the Lostprophets discography.

No Devotion will enter the studio later this year with a full album to be released some time in 2015.