Originally… Lead Singer and Songwriter for the “No Place Like Home” Album By The Clints… now… out of print… I had five #1 Songs On Radio, Worldwide… I Left “The Clints” After One Album and 5 years of Touring and promoting. I went to work doing high profile Music for TV and Film, I did Soundtrack work and had a good run having written and Performed music for CBS, Showtime and Fox, I Scored the Music for “Fox NFL Football”, “60 Minutes”, “UFC” and a lot more including winning awards for Short Films and Trailers. I loved the music of the British invasion growing up and always wrote strong melodic songs. 5 of my songs I contributed to the first “Clint’s” album all went to number one on Radio Charts Worldwide which gave me some confidence I could write and perform Catchy Melodic Rock songs.

Long story short… I’m working and recording new music with legendary producer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Led Zeppelin, George Harrison), yeah I know… those are huge names and down the road… I hope to fit right in… My 5 newest songs are all produced by Stuart Epps “Love Is Everywhere” “When It’s Right Now…” “You Make Everything Alright” and “Get Out While You Can” And my latest “Let’s Go Home”

My music currently is featured on many Websites as well as Internet and Broadcast Radio Stations… including ReverbNation, N1M, IheartRadio, Last FM, Jango, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Amazon Unlimited and a lot more… in the past year I’ve been streamed over 1 Million times with 500k of those streams on Spotify which got me picked up by a lot more Radio Stations. My goal is to get my music out to as many listeners as possible hoping to create enough of a buzz to fill up some venues… and as soon as the virus subsides I want to take my music out and play live again. Nothing makes me happier than performing for a large group of people who are enthusiastic about my music.


Mark Ambuter