Pace is set to release their single titled ‘Boatman’s Weather’ on August 28. The song is one of those that has that haunting style and dark broading soal with just enough hook and catchiness to attract that listener for the long haul but enough solemness to give weight to the lyrics from an obvious band of introverts. Beauty between the lines.

About Pace

Pace is an Alt-Rock four-piece from London who’ve been steadily building a reputation for their uplifting live performances and richly textured songs, layering vintage piano sounds with ambient guitars, they convey a feeling of understated emotion through their music and memorable lyrics. Their punchy melodies have resulted in a growing fan base and recognition from the likes of CLASH magazine and PRS for Music, as well as BBC, Introducing and BBC 6 Music radio stations.

Lead singer Jamie Ley has a distinctive baritone and he’s joined by Tillie Russell (vocals and bass), Danilo Rodrigues (drums), and Michael Sheppard (guitar), whose varied but complementary tastes have helped shape their signature sound. After a string of studio sessions with renowned producer Brett Shaw (Florence & the Machine, FOALS), Pace is about to release their new single ‘Boatman’s Weather’.

About ‘Boatman’s Weather’

Rich with emotion, dark and beautifully uplifting, ‘Boatman’s Weather’ is a reflective look at the more simple times of yesteryear. Lead singer, Jamie Ley’s voice is powerful throughout
while the soaring instrumentals ebb and flow like the tide but with a storm brewing in the background. ‘Boatman’s Weather’ has raw intense feelings about it forcing the listener to confront their truths head-on.