Originally Lead Singer and Songwriter for the “No Place Like Home” Album By The Clints… now… Out of print… I had 5 #1 Songs On Radio, Worldwide… I Left “The Clints” After One Album and went to work doing high profile Music for TV and Film, I did Soundtrack work and had a good run having written and Performed music for CBS, Showtime and Fox, I Scored the Music Fox NFL Football, 60 Minutes, UFC and a lot more including Winning awards for Short Films I Scored.

I Left the industry when a Family member took ill and then continued to lead a normal life away from music with the love of my life… I returned recently after the death of the love of my Life. I was never content with the music I was playing my first time around… and I never tried recording as a soloist under my own name. I have always wanted to record and play my version of pop songs. I loved the music of the British invasion growing up and always wrote strong melodic songs. The fact that 5 of my eight songs I contributed to the first Clints album all went to number one on Radio charts Worldwide gave me some indication I had a good feel for what people liked to hear.

I’m working and recording New Music with Legendary Producer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Led Zeppelin, George Harrison) yeah I know… those are big names and I hope to leave a few classics behind me when I leave one day… My two newest songs are Produced by Stuart Epps “You Make Everything Alright” and “Get Out While You Can” I am finishing up 3 more songs with Stuart in London and will release my follow-up to last years album “A Scratch Of Grace” My first solo outing which is available worldwide on iTunes and Spotify and from all major digital retailers.
My music is featured on many Websites ReverbNation, N1M, IheartRadio, Last FM, Jango, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon and a lot more i presume that I’m not aware of yet, in the past year I’ve been streamed over 160,000 times which got me picked up by quite a few Radio Stations such as IHeart Radio, iTunes, Spotify and Last FM. I’m on Amazon Prime radio in Japan and the UK as well as Brazil and Germany however not here in the US, I’m available to purchase from Amazon US but I’m not being played on Prime here something to overcome eventually I hope.

I’m just beginning to create a buzz… I’m not in this time for money or for fame both pretty empty concepts… I just need to keep busy and keep my mind from wondering where it will go… I seem to be making a few people happy with my songs. I’m getting a lot of Fan mail from young kids and my crossover fans are 100% listening to me and artists like Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj and Imagine Dragons, that’s something new… they love my fresh approach to music… if they knew that my music was influenced by Artists that were popular before they were born? I don’t think it would make any difference, I keep being told I’m they’re all time favorite artist… Which is amazing to me.. they tell me I got heart… Go figure maybe we need more heart in the world today…I have no problem bringing it… it’s a lot of fun… My Young Fans they don’t seem to recognize my influences which is fine by me… I’m having a good time the best in years and it’s going swimmingly well which is kinda cool. I left my expectations at the door this time and it’s so much more rewarding when any little bit of notice or a single note from a fan puts a smile on my face.

SOURCE: Official Bio