Michael Lyon continues to take listeners on a journey through his pristine storytelling with a compelling third album release, ​Curiosity.

Curiosity is a riveting 12-track exploration of the many forms of curiosity, from the rousing opening number that kicks off the album, “Grab a Hold,“ through the popular sing-a-long, “Love at First Sight”… concluding with a final exuberant send-off, “Excited.”

Each song delivers Michael Lyon’s unique perspective because as he puts it, “Though I’ve been influenced by so many who have come before me, nobody sounds, or sees the world, quite like I do.”

Critics were impressed with Michael’s 2015 debut, Pictures. Adobe and Teardrops said,
“Pictures is whimsical and practically vibrating with contentment… simplistic in its emotional impact but not because the songs are. Lyon shows us that happiness just isn’t that complicated.”

Reviewing the follow-up 2017 album, Waking Up, Rooted Sounds wrote, “This is a genuine artist and style… with a sound that surrounds us with that youthful imprint of innocence, wonder, and awareness.”

Little doubt, Michael Lyon’s Curiosity is going from strength to strength, garnering rave compliments for this cool, California pop that harkens back to the days of Cat Stevens and John Denver.

SOURCE: Official Bio