Magnus is set to drop their sophomore effort titled ‘Detachment’ tomorrow (April 24, 2020). Detachment is an album that, if listened to in order, gives a brilliant perspective of the artists involved. Partly because of the songwriting but there is more than that. There is this fire of creativity within the guitars, vocals, and rhythm that bubble up and sometimes feel as if they need restrained. The hooks are encapsulated within a barrage of soundscapes both dirty and clean that give a wonderfully decadent vibe throughout no matter what the overall vibe of the track is. This is one of those albums you just hit play and drive down that highway, letting ‘Detachment’ attach itself to your future memories.

About Magnus

Sydney band Magnus formed in 2012 to bring their urgency, fearlessness in experimentation, and healthy disregard for genres to Australian music. Their name, derived from “Magn-hus” and translating as “powerhouse” in Old Norse, is a testament to their live performances. A casual open mic at Melbourne’s world-famous Cherry Bar landed them a residency there and eventually nomination for the Best live band of the year award by invite of owner James Young Himself.

Their debut album, “I”, received critical acclaim by both online and print media with The Sydney Morning Herald stating: “The band clearly likes to tease and with terrific self-confidence, in their undoubted abilities the approach does create a lively anxiousness within their music.”.

In 2017 work on Detachment started with a DIY approach which resulted in recorded demos in their rehearsal space mixed at their home studio. Convinced this album needed to have an “all-or-nothing” approach, these demos were sent out around the world and sparked interest from big names such as Steve Albini, Alan Moulder & Bob Clearmountain.

In 2018 recording of the album took place under the supervision of five-time Aria award-winning producers Paul McKercher. With COG’s Lucius Borichon drums it promises an even more raw and visceral approach, yet maintaining the unexpected twists and turns Magnus has become known for.

Both Paul and the legendary Bob Clearmountain (multi-Grammy winner & nominee, USA – Rolling Stones, Springsteen, The Preatures) are credited in mixing and Big Bass Brian Gardner (multi-Grammy winner & nominee known for QOTSA Songs for the Deaf and his work with Dr. Dré), for mastering the album. Upcoming single “Detachment” came together in a completely haphazard way.

After stumbling over an essential bass groove, the band plugged it into their recording kit and made the rest of it up as they went along. Running themes for the song were inspired by a combination of the bleak aggression, stabbing guitars, and call to arms U2’s “Bullet in the Sky” boasts juxtaposed with the story of a man opting for a life of detachment. Detachment is set for release tomorrow (April 24, 2020).