Born in Brisbane, founded in the gutters of Bangkok, and now jamming in Melbourne, Miles Recommends is the Australian Folk Rock singer-songwriting and music production duo of Des Atkinson and Lou Cadell.

Miles Recommends draw from, and blend together, a wide range of pop, rock, folk, blues, country and jazz influences; layering guitars, piano, organ, drums, French horn, strings and harmonies as a backdrop to their dissection of social norms. In a life full of contradictions, Miles Recommends likes to ponder some of the bigger questions.

‘Extended Play’ is the debut, self-produced EP from Miles Recommends. It was officially released on February 5, 2017 and the duo are currently working on their follow-up release due out in mid 2017.
Miles Recommends are currently enjoying solid airplay of the first singles of their EP ‘Crazy House’ and ‘Darkness’ on community radio stations across Australia.

SOURCE: Official Bio