Keeping up with their ongoing fun and carefree pop rock roots, Japan’s own The Goood Things, triumph yet again with another alt-indie future classic. How these guys (and girl) can continually come up with goood (see what I did there?) songs is a magic I wish I had a bottle of. This song is 2:36 of pure catchy fun!

Amped up to 10 with that goood (oops I did it again!) time summer fun, “Yer Eyes” delivers that beach romp nostalgia filled with cool daily waves and hot summer nights. Cue Avalon and Funicello!

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Yer Eyes cover.
Yer Eyes cover.

The Goood Things is a 5 piece based in Tokyo playing throwback summer time rock’n’roll (all year round) and features Tosh (guitar), Mike (voc), Kayo (bass), Yamada (drums) and Joe (keys). Three members are Japanese but the dominant language spoken in the band is drunk English.

But lets rewind the clock a bit. Long before The Goood Things formed in 2013 there was a Tokyo-based 3-piece band called Sunset Drive. Tosh was the guitarist and they took their energetic indie rock on tours of Europe and Japan, releasing 2 EPs and basically setting the benchmark way high for English-singing bands in Tokyo. When their lead singer Al went back to New Zealand, Tosh got rock’n’roll withdrawals and called Mike.

When Mike got the call he was singing (and still is) in The Mootekkis a garage rock 5 piece that has also released 2 CDs and toured New York back in 2012. Mike’s answer was a no-brainer and Kayo – who used to play bass in a chicks band called Rubiks cube with Mike’s girlfriend, Ayumi – joined soon after. Yamada was in a metal band with Tosh and is one of 3 lead vocalists in an RNB number called Bozu style, who celebrate being bald through song. Joe was the frontman for his band, Lela Marien, back in sunny UK.

In May 2016, they released their third self-titled EP (red cover) at Zher the Zoo in Yoyogi with Kyoto Protocol (Malaysia), Jungles and Jimmy Binks and the Shakehorns entertaining the Corona toting audience. At the previous release party, Jamesons had provided the free shots but this time round, the band had a table full of by-donation Jager shots, all proceeds going to local charity Love for Nippon – helping Kumamoto recover after the earthquake. With a monthly residency at Shibuya’s iconic Ruby Room and their tune “She Called me Baby” being used by airline ANA to promote tourism in Okinawa, things are rolling along pretty nicely for the band and talk of their debut album has already begun.