1. Foreign Minas 2:50

Minas vents his frustration at society and the priorities people around him have, whilst also hitting a personal note, with his Greek heritage putting him on the outside looking in “Came in a foreigner/still have doubts that I fit these ways”. Using a slow rolling four-to-the-floor beat with pitched down samples to create the rugged space for his raging vocals. The song conveys how overwhelming life in the modern age can be as a mixture of beauty, darkness and noise eventually dominates through the song and ends in a wall of noise.

The second single from Minas’ upcoming debut album ‘All My Love Has Failed Me’, ‘Foreign’ follows the standout ‘Payday’ whilst preceding it on the album’s track listing. The song stands alone as a bouncing yet lowkey dance floor filler driven by an engaging vocal performance from James Minas. Throwing out diatribes and self-deprecation with malice and scorn, the track pairs a weary voice with a party focused mind.

SOURCE: Official Bio