Old Tom & the Lookouts has today released their new album titled ‘Just for Beasts’. Feeling like a set of 10 stories, that warmth and home folk style caresses you with the heart of Americana and the soul of the unbridled #indie artist. Each track delivers that individuality of a chapter and the originality of love.

About Old Tom & the Lookouts

This project is a poetic narrative of their journey with mental health told through a collection of 12 uniquely emotional tracks. With a folksy, easygoing sonic apparatus, band members Alex Calabrese and Cecilia Vacanti create a hauntingly beautiful project with Just For Beasts. Characterized by silky symphonic strings, twangy guitar, and all-encompassing background vocals, the acoustic soundscape achieved on this album is beyond epic. From the passionate chorus on “Hey Edna” to the brooding melancholy on the verses of “Dark Rooms,” Old Tom & The Lookouts pours every ounce of their soul into each track as they take listeners along this profound journey of discovery.

The band was inspired to create a piece of art that addressed many of the nuanced challenges – like depression and anxiety – many of us are all too familiar with. “This was all written with hopes of improving the dialogue surrounding mental illness,” says Calabrese. Old Tom & The Lookouts makes it a point to create a supportive space for those who are overcoming mental illness with their music. For Calabrese, there is power in the support of your peers; he says in regard to this project, “all I can hope to do is provide even a sliver of that support to someone else who is feeling that way.”

The Boston-based Indie-Folk band is known for creating hopeful, evocative music about mental health. The lyrically driven project is shared through the lens of writer and singer, Alex Calabrese and violinist Cecilia Vacanti. With their combined efforts, the two provide a minimalist tone, accompanied by lush string arrangements, witty and brooding lyrics, soulful melodies, and striking harmonies.

Paying homage to influences such as Frightened Rabbit, Phoebe Bridgers, and Tom Waits, yet capturing a new voice within the Indie-Folk genre, the band’s full record, Just for Beasts is a concept piece centered around finding community, a sense of self-worth, and finding a healthy and sustainable way to love and support yourself as well as others you care about.

The record addresses many of the nuanced challenges presented to folks suffering from depression and anxiety. Some groups Old Tom & The Lookouts associate themselves with and speak in support of are To Write Love On Her Arms and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP Boston).