A Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia student of the past years, Minotto Christian is an educated man with a knack for sound. Mastering the piano, keyboard, and synth he knew he needed to round out his sound with friend and fellow musician, guitarist Saccardo Sandro. Together they create a stylish blend of melodic alternative rock. In his career, Minotto Christian has managed to garner himself radio airplay as well as press attention in Venice.

With a continuous love of researching new instruments and sounds himself, Minotto Christian is forever inspired by what Radioplay and Radiohead have done with their careers. He hopes to emulate what they’ve done with his instrumental take on sound with his own music including “The Horizon,” “Star” and “The Cave.” Fans have gotten to hear some of those and more live as Minotto Christian has performed in various locations in Italy including events and pubs.

For now, Minotto Christian is focused on creating more music with his partner Saccardo Sandro as long as they can.

SOURCE: Official Bio