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New York is a hard town to get noticed in. Hell, it’s one of the largest cities in the world. It’s also one of the most culturally influential in the world. So to say if you can make it there, then you can make it anywhere rings truer than you realize. One artist that is on the cusp of that epiphany is Courtney Farren. Just check out her video for the track ‘Nothing Like It’. And now she is about to drop her new album of the same name on October 4th (details below).

Check out our exclusive interview with Courtney above and remember the name.

About Courtney Farren
Singer/ songwriter Courtney Farren has announced her debut album ‘Nothing Like It’, which is being preceded by the title track of the same name. This six-track LP features guitar and piano songs recorded earlier in spring of this year.

Born and primarily raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Farren has made New York City her current home base. Having moved 12 times in childhood to various northern California locations created restless settlement patterns, which followed her into adulthood, having lived in four very different cities in 2017 alone – San Francisco, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and now New York.

“What is a break up anyway? I was broken up, though, surely… Bad joke. I can’t speak for my ex’s feelings, but this album contains mine. I started seeing someone and I let it consume me in a few ways. One of those ways led to a lot of songs. I wrote this album over the past year,” explains Courtney Farren.

“I think this record is a good representation of what is to come in my music. I am constantly working and reworking my sound and style in order to best showcase my songs, and I am looking forward to sharing what is produced from those transformations along the way.”

Courtney Farren Record Release Party
Secret Project Robot in NYC
Address: 1186 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Venue Contact Info:
Email: av@secretprojectrobot.org
Website: https://www.secretprojectrobot.org
Event Listing on Facebook: CLICK HERE
Time Of Event: Wednesday, October 4 at 7 PM – 1 AM
Location on Map:

Now that she lives in The Big Apple, Farren regularly plays shows, makes videos, and is finding her place in the local music scene. Upon moving to New York, she teamed up with Brett Sullivan of American Anymen, a good friend who was able to quickly help organize/book shows and make videos to support her pursuit of a career as an artist.

Courtney’s emotionally driven and heartfelt songwriting and performances lend themselves to her current live setup of guitar and vocals. While she is often very casual in the way she introduces her songs, when she sings, her words are fueled by honesty and a sense of urgency.

“Two tracks – ‘Right Now’ and ‘Hard To Tell’ – were actually both written on the same night about a night I ended up seeing my ex in New York last year before I ended up moving here,” explains Farren. “I wrote the title track ‘Nothing Like It’ after a particularly heart-wrenching week spent with this person. I realized that I was no longer ignorant to the feelings I had so recently only known from books and films. I started getting really interested in piano and keyboard shortly following this, and began writing songs more in the vein of ‘Someone’ and ‘Change Your Mind’, which I wrote a few days apart during a short stint living in Vegas.”

Often found carrying around a journal (or two or three) and always writing, she translates these recollections to her detailed accounts of her life and relationships in her songs. Nearly entirely focused on music and writing, she often manages to find time to watch cartoons and play the occasional video game with her brother.

Courtney Farren releases ‘Nothing Like It’ on October 6 and will be playing many live shows, both at home and in Europe, in support of this album, including a mini-tour with American Anymen and guest appearances by many talented artists along the way.

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  • Oct. 1 New York – Silvana NYC
  • Oct. 4 New York – Courtney Farren CD Release Party. Secret Project Robot with American Anymen, Mischief Night, Crazy & The Brains
  • Oct. 22 New York – Courtney Farren Zine Party – Sunnyvale. 1031 Grand St. (Sunday Matinee Show, $8) with American Anymen, Linda Draper, Reonda
  • Nov. 2 Boston, MA – Hennessy’s Hooley House
  • Nov. 10 New York – Shrine World Music Venue


  • Oct 1 New York, NY – Silvana NYC
  • Nov 2 Boston, MA – Hennessy’s Hooley House
  • Nov 10 New York, NY – Shrine World Music Venue