Monkey Fighters mix big guitar riffs and prog keyboards with punk energy and top it off with quirkily epic vocals. “Monk Fright Eyes” is their third single, built around the driving energy of a bass riff, with sinister vocals, spooky synth, and a big grungey guitar riff on the chorus.

Their first single, “She From Tiny Keg”, was described as “infectious and musically satisfying” by, while the second, “Forty K Gem Shine”, was called “a compact, energy-packed piece of alt-rock glory” by Firesquid blog.

Originally born in Bristol, UK, in 2003, turning up unfashionably late to the death of grunge, Monkey Fighters launched an EP, chewed their way through a few drummers, played some loud and sweaty gigs, and then swiftly burnt out before the decade knew what had hit it. Now in 2018, the songs have been re-recorded and the band rejuvenated, with all the vocal power, muscular guitar riffs, and quirky subject matter of the original outing.

SOURCE: Official Bio