Next to being a highly accredited writer, actor & director Sean “Spoatcoat” Brown is a hip hop/Soul artist with 8 LP’s under his belt and thousands of units sold. After a 5 year lay off from the music scene he is back with a new LP “Evolution”. What he say’s “This return has been overdue”. This new LP is a breath of fresh air for music. With a current vibe and elements of the music scene. Mr. Spoatcoat is releasing his 7th solo LP, he is a passionate artist that comes from the streets of Detroit.

He found entertainment back in elementary winning contest performing like Michael Jackson and Run DMC. Spoatcoat went on to perform at fashion shows and acting in plays. As music pulled him in one direction the stronger temptation of the street life sucked him in. As he struggled with a life of crime in and out of jail. After years in prison for hustlers crimes, Spoatcoat was introduced to the music game. So Spoatcoat and the group GANZ dove in headfirst. Recording the first two EP’s at Nation Studios, the basement studio that breeder the likes of Royce 5’9″, D12 and other Detroit greats.

After 2 Ep’s, 1 Compilation and 1 LP, Spoatcoat went solo with his first EP Tell Me Why a dedication to his murdered brother. The video was directed by EltonJohn’s director and it gains him regional hood fame until he was caught carrying a firearm. This landed him back in jail for a short stay. But this just derailed Spoatcoat’s local fame. Until he returned as the lead in 5 Indie feature films. During his run, he has put out two EP’s and 4 Albums while starring, producing and directing in 6 films and 2 seasons of a family TV show.

This new project is a piece of work Mr. Spoatcoat stepped back to figure the right way at this time in life. With his soulful, unique sound and passionate delivery. He hasn’t lost a beat. This project has features like Neshia Neshae, The Four Tops, Papa Drama, Str 8 Ganz, Clood Brothers, Paris Nashay and more.

SOURCE: Official Bio