1. Go So Much 4 Gravity 3:32

So Much 4 Gravity are set to drop their new single titled ‘Go’ tomorrow. The song is a sonic homage to good music and songwriting with layered instrumentation and a fun ‘live music’ vibe with hooks and melodies that harken back to the days of festivals and events that we desperately need once again.

About So Much For Gravity

Songwriter/guitarist Wouter Vlaminckx shares the vocals with his sister Veerle Vlaminckx who also plays the glockenspiel. Frank Willems plays bass guitar, Jelle Ghys all things keys + theremin (soon), Wim Roosen the drums and Joris Compeers the violin.

We are Mechelen-based (between Brussels and Antwerp – Belgium). The EP is available on all the streaming services (Spotify, iTunes, Deezer…). We were ready to promote it in 2020, but a certain virus put that plan on hold. But eventually we decided not to let the virus beat us, so now we are trying to get in touch with music fans and radio stations all over the world. If corona lets us, we will record 3 new singles in June and release them later this year. Fingers crossed…