Mudbelly is a dirty-blues rock band from Christchurch, NZ. Started by Bex B and John A in 2018, in a bid to unleash something fresh and grimy 🙂 into the local music scene. They’ve performed for the last 2 years as the [unpronouncable] Hypnumb. Cranking riffs, honest stage presence, and soaring female vocals are carving them a reputation as a kiwi rock act with genuine pulling power. Alex Moulton described them as Winehouse dipped into a vat of Zeppelin.

On the back of a couple of self-made music videos, the Muds have spent the winter performing on the UK festival circuit and were rapt to be awarded runners up in Bandemonium. They are now about to unleash their self-titled debut album on the world – exciting is not the word. This unapologetic female-led hard-rock band has spent 2 productive years in the studio, resulting in singles ranging from soul-filled dirty blues (Bullet) to edgy power-rock (Crooked Magic). Themes cover an unexpected spectrum: the angst-ridden remorse of a woman who’s just shot her partner, flipping the bird to judgmental institutions, or just singing about a good ol’ dirty hangover. Crooked Magic is just the first……

SOURCE: Official Bio