Secret Bad Boy has dropped his new single titled ‘It Was Always Too Late’. With a unique blend of house, soul, dance, and originality, Secret Bad Boy (a.k.a. Ben Joseph) gives a diverse and creative flair to many genres while enhancing his street cred to levels rarely traveled.

About Secret Bad Boy

Secret Bad Boy is a band, conceived and fronted by Ben Joseph, who lives in Chicago and is a long-time member of Ezra Furman’s band. Secret Bad Boy includes Woody Goss (of Vulfpeck), Mat Roberts of Mild High Club and Packy Lundholm of I Fight Dragons, as well as appearances by Ezra Furman on backup vocals, Nicholas Tremulis on guitar, and arrangements by Brian Wilson alumnus Paul Von Mertens.

Joseph’s experience as a member of such diverse groups as Paul Cherry, May Erlewine, Woman Believer, and Woody & Jeremy has led him to create songs that are intense and sincere. He hopes you enjoy them.

With the release of ‘It Was Always Too Late,’ Secret Bad Boy continues a string of new singles with a synth-driven ode to nihilism and the vastness of space.

The tune features Packy Lundholm of I Fight Dragons alongside frontperson (and longtime Ezra Furman band member) Ben Joseph. Joseph’s vocals have an airy tone on this song, with lyrics about “the vacuum that surrounds us/and a space vast and wondrous.”

Secret Bad Boy also includes members of Vulfpeck and Mild High Club, and has become the studio band (in various forms) for upcoming releases by Woman Believer, May Erlewine, and Woody and Jeremy, whose recent debut record Strange Satisfaction has drawn early acclaim. Joseph’s synths on ‘It Was Always Too Late’ also recall some of his work on Paul Cherry’s 2017 album Flavour.

Joseph also appeared on Ezra Furman’s 2019 record 12 Nudes and the newly-released soundtrack to Netflix’s Sex Education. As for the near future, Secret Bad Boy has announced an upcoming collaboration with Brian Wilson Band music director Paul Von Mertens, and a string of yet-to-be-announced collaborations through 2020.