95708-neitherI have been making music since the 90’s and started off as a bass player in grunge/punk bands then moved on to solo work. I found that moving into electronic music gave me a broader spectrum to work with. On one hand it is much more controllable, and one the other, some things unplanned constantly happen with the modulation and phase of the sounds which I find cannot be replicated even with hours of programming.

I try to create and bring into reality my ideas, moods, personality, nature and understanding of my surroundings. And other times I like to allow myself to be used as a lightning point for what may be moving around me at the time. I find my music as a personal catologue of my life.

I constantly find after, even years later after finishing a song, it stills rings true to me as a constant which stays the same but is ever changing. Change brings contradiction to simplicity. I use my philosophy on life to see that through sound and harmonics and frequencies the juxtaposition which is life and mortality in general.

Things are always changing and are always the same, an ever changing monotony. We are always right and always wrong, it is the perception which we choose to see through, a psychology or thought process, that again contradicts itself. A fact is only a fact until it is proven wrong and vice versa. So the only thing left to do is enjoy life and have a good time:).

SOURCE: Official Bio