1. Caught Up Nia Rene 3:37

17-year-old Nia Rene is a new singer/songwriter. She was born in San Bernardino, California in 2001 and moved to Victorville, California when she was 5. One Sunday morning during church service she and her grandmother watched as the children of the Christmas program all developed stage fright. Nia Rene recognized early on that the show must go on. She stepped up to the mic and sang each song loud and clear that the older children had been practicing for weeks. For that, she received a standing ovation! It wasn’t until she was 13 that her uncle, singer/producer Teflon Vest, took her into the studio for the first time.

From that time on he has been taking her into the studio and watching her grow and develop into the talented singer and songwriter that she is today. Just last year Atlantic Records recognized her talent when they had her come in for an audition. She impressed everyone to the point where the A&R Director had to come out of his office to see who was singing. They were so impressed that they invited her to stay an extra day to write and record with one of their talented producers.

SOURCE: Official Bio