Following in the footsteps of musicians whose histories are shrouded in mystery comes Lartist Yan, an extraordinary singer about whom almost nothing is known. Echoing the lives of other enigmatic, reclusive musical heroes such as William Onyeabor and Rodriguez, beyond his birthplace of Congo and his current assumed residence in Russia, details of his life are seemingly non-existent.

Following the success of his previous single, “Dream”, Lartist has just dropped the stunning video for his latest track “Comme une reine” featuring soaring vocals and accompanied by soulful rhythms – the track highlights Lartist’s vocal virtuosity, musical instinct, and impressive style.

Lartist has apparently lived and worked in Moscow for several years and it was here he first made his early steps as a singer. A reported winner of a number of Russian talent contests, he won over audiences with his stunning, expressive voice, as well as being able to sing in multiple languages – Russian, English, French, Lingala. His current location, however, is unknown…

Comme une reine is taken from Lartist Yan’s forthcoming multilingual album, Second Chance. With tracks that cover genres and styles including hip-hop, blues, afro-beat, reggae, funk, soul, and rumba, this is world music in the truest sense of the phrase. Whether Lartist Yan is even his real name is unknown – his age, background and current location are shrouded in mystery.