100287-bandThe Outside Agitators started way back in the 80s with me, my brother Rick and our friend Andy Wright in my parents garage. Then Rick had opened a body shop in Cambridge, NY and we would jam there. Eventually, we built a studio up on Red Mtn. in Arlington, VT at Andy’s brother Mark and his wife Judy’s cabin and jammed and recorded there.

We played some gigs and parties and after a while, we all went our separate ways but we’d still get together to jam once in a while. Then as fate would have it me and Rick and a new guitarist, Conrad found ourselves in a position to revive the band and start working on new material and improvisational jam sessions at Ricks place In Johnsonville NY.

We caught some new stuff on tape that we thought was pretty cool and worked on the old tunes from the early days. All of that can be found on our website. I now live in Pittsfield, MA where I built a small studio in the basement of my house where we are working on new music and also record live jam sessions with friends. So the journey continues….

SOURCE: Official Bio