Owl Hunter is an Australian project that collaborates with musicians around the world. The aim is to work with artists from parts of the world we don’t hear from enough. When not making music, Owl Hunter works in nature conservation and has a passion for the protection of owls.

Owl Hunter’s first public project has been a collaboration with Yahesa Guav. Yahesa is a 20-year-old university student. She first realized that she could sing when she was 14 and ever since then she has been singing and making covers. In addition to singing, she loves art. She has been drawing and painting since she was 5 years old. To find more of her work click the links below.

I’m an independent musician from Australia. During the lockdown, I have started a collaboration project where I work with singers from places around the world we don’t get to hear from enough (Middle East, Africa, Far East). The first release is with Yahesa Guav, a young woman from Pakistan who I believe has an amazing voice that is really powerful. The song ‘Home’ (Leave the Light On) features nostalgic moods with strong beats and soulful lyrics. The lyrics are about redefining the meaning of home.

SOURCE: Official Bio