Adams Traktor has released their new single titled ‘Time To Wake Up’. Written in solitude and recorded in quiet angst, Adams Traktor gives a somber serenade with the talents of troubadours and the skill of true musicians. Best listened to with reflection and introspection.

About Adams Traktor

Adams Traktor is a music project formed by JR Smith from Seattle, WA, to explore, expand, and in many ways, bend the music genres that have influenced alternative modern music. The latest single from Adams Traktor, “Time To Wake Up” from his forthcoming Quench album, was released November 27, 2020 by Dark Spark Music and The Orchard.

Adams Traktor is highly influenced by alternative rock, the Seattle sound, industrial and underground dance music. The project has some influential participants, including Gregory Darling who produced the album and is a reoccurring Billboard Top 20 recording artist as well as Manny Elias on drums, who is the original drummer for Tears for Fears. Fernando Saunders on bass is a critically acclaimed singer, songwriter, producer, and solo recording artist on Summit Music/Sony Universal, who has played with Michael Jackson, Lou Reed and Slash just to name a few. Olda Krejcoves on lead guitar plays with the band Monkey Business and JR Smith wrote, plays rhythm guitar and is the vocalist for all tracks on Quench.

Smith says, ‘“Time To Wake-Up” is the sound of a world in crisis, and the anthem for a new beginning. The raw, guitar bears witness to our collective suffering, while the melody that carries the song to its conclusion call us to a new future. “’Time To Wake-Up” is sonic hope.”