In 2014, German guitarist and songwriter Rene Methner started a new solo act, Para Lia, and then met the woman who would three years later become his wife, Cindy. Among the many things he loves about her are her impressive vocals – which have become “an integral part of Para Lia.”

“I love Cindy’s voice,” he says. “It was me who gave her a microphone and worked with her on the vocals on ‘Soap Bubble Dreams.’ It worked so well that I write every song, especially the chorus, with her voice in mind. “

In late 2017, he wrote the song “Soap Bubble Dreams.” It was the song that spurred Para Lia’s formation and became the title for their 2019 debut album.

“In 2017 I felt something inside musically and the inner need to let them out. So I started to write songs again.”

“I created the ‘Para Lia’ sound based on melodic rhythm guitars and a special lead guitar, mellotron sound and analog keys as well as the distinctive male/female voice chorus.”

Methner’s musical influences are mainly many and include bands like Sebadoh, The Notwist, Dinosaur Jr., Buffalo Tom, Motorpsycho, Pixies, and Interpol, and of Neil Young and the garage rock sound of the mid-1960s from bands like The Who, Creation, and The Eyes.

“A song for me is a beautiful one if it radiates something special. I love good melodies. I like noisy guitars combined with gentle harmonies.”

Para Lia’s name is born out of the couple’s love for Greece. The word, para lia, (παραλία) in Greek, means “beach.”

Who couldn’t love that?

Even the well known New York artist Louis Renzoni, a fan of the duo’s music, said the “name has a great sound to it…it has history and sounds both masculine and feminine.”

SOURCE: Official Bio