Succulent, sultry, soulful, and sensual. I could go on and on but within the first few bars of the opening track, ‘Closer to You’, I was hooked in the emotional documentation combined with the mindful and heartfelt chord progressions of each track. I am, of course, talking about Amo Amo and their self titled upcoming album. Each track submits its own personality with an overall feeling that this is Amo Amo. A band with an established style with the songs standing on their own in individual ways all their own. This is a group of artists that came together as a musical family and totally gets it because the entire album has a style that can only be wholly attributed to Amo Amo in which any of the songs could easily be a single and not give you the full scope of the entire album. Individuality and originality at its best.

‘Amo Amo’ by Amo Amo is set to drop on April 26th (buy links below).

About Amo Amo
Amo Amo, led by queer vocalist Love Femme, recently released a video for dreamy single “When I Look At You” from their upcoming album. The track followed singles “When We’re Gone” and “Closer To You,” which gathered more than half a million Spotify plays, as well as heavy rotation on tastemaker stations like KCRW, KCSN, etc. After an impromptu session in LA, the band & Jim James took to California’s vineyards with no cell phone service to emerge with this collection of soulful, enchanting pop tracks.

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Legendary mastering engineer Bob Ludwig (Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, Frank Ocean) said “I really love these songs, they are stand outs of the past year for me…Amo Amo has made a very special album.” Jenny Eliscu (Rolling Stone, Sirius XM) added “Rarely do I come across a new band with as strong a sense of self-identity as Amo Amo…their live show is ecstatic.”

“In a category all their own”

“Perfect for dancing through the night”
– Paste

“The music is good, the message is real”
– Culture Collide

“Enchanting…lush vocal harmonies, spacious guitar lines”
– Pop Matters

“Not only are the lyrics encapsulating a vulnerability that can only be experienced if you’ve been in a deep, earth-shattering love, but the instrumentals speak volumes in and of themselves.”
– Indie Shuffle

“To me Amo Amo is a perfect blend of everything I love about music – they can make you dance and they can make you swoon with a tear in your eye. They are one of the greatest live bands I have ever seen and that also shows up for real on record.”
– Jim James